Try Dry: Sober January

The Boring Little Girls Club is asking friends, family members, co-workers, anyone really to give up alcohol and drugs (not including medication) for the month of January.

YOU can participate in one of two ways: 

a: either donate what you would’ve spent on alcohol and drugs during the month of January and “Try Dry” (giving up and staying sober for the full month) 

b: pledge to “Try Dry” (do the full month sober) and raise funds from their family members and friends. 


The Doap Team

Downtown Outreach Addiction Partnership

The DOAP Team is mobile response to street level addiction and public intoxication, serving a unique need within Calgary. As an essential mobile and outreach service, our members travel throughout the city, to assist people under the influence of drugs or alcohol who need help navigating shelter, detox, medical services, housing and other programs and resources.

Why are we fundraising for the DOAP Team?

Due to funding cuts, the DOAP team will need $20,000/month until March 31st, 2020 to keep their teams on the street for the critical winter months, which they are committing to.

As of April 1st, 2020, the DOAP team needs $200,000/year to keep one team on the streets. The DOAP Team and Alpha House are committed to finding the funding necessary to keep at least one team on the street and building the program back up from there. 

Boring Little Girls Club Disclaimer

The Boring Little Girls Club is facilitating, not participating, in Try Dry: Sober January. We are encouraging participants to go sober (drug and alcohol free – not including medication) for the month of January, however we do not have the capacity to monitor participants. We are not the sobriety police. We have faith that people are taking this seriously. 

Our main goal is to raise funds for the amazing work the DOAP Team is doing and through that we will also be:

  • Creating visibility and raising awareness surrounding living a sober life, substance use habits and mental health
  • Instigating conversation and education surrounding sobriety, substance use and mental health
  • Attempting to reduce stigma surrounding substance use, addiction and mental health
  • Celebrating the people and organizations that are actively working in front line services to help and support our most vulnerable citizens