Born in Toronto, living in Calgary, Kira Dunlop’s done a few things in her 23 years. She’s dropped out of university three times, figured out that her alcohol and drug use were taking her down a dark path, fallen in love with Alberta and found out that her voice matters. 

Founding the Boring Little Girls Club in November 2018, Kira’s on a mission to bring women, non-binary and trans folks together to create a community that focuses on having fun without alcohol and drugs. Unapologetically loud, exuberant and a supporter of personal autonomy (as long as it doesn’t do harm), Kira’s ready to shout her story from the tallest building in Calgary in the hope that it will remind others that they are not alone.




My name is Marie Ferraro. I'm 38, queer and sober. I'm originally from the interior of British Columbia but I now call Calgary home.  

Getting sober and remaining that way was the hardest thing I've ever done. Years of excessive drinking and drugging had taken its toll and I was dying. I was left with two choices, I could blot out reality to the bitter end or choose another way of life. I'm happy to report I went with option number two.  

I became a member of the Boring Little Girls Club because I firmly believe humans thrive when we are surrounded by like minded individuals. I felt there was a lack of visibility in Calgary's sober social scene. Sobriety is a vital act of self love that can leave us feeling isolated and invisible. We all need community. 

The BLGC was created to shine a light on those who are looking for pals in the sober sphere.   We are not a recovery group. We are not here to tell you how to live your life. We are just a group of rad sober babes doing rad stuff sober!




Maya is the face behind all of the social media updates. She is a Public Relations student at Mount Royal University who took interest in the BLGC after seeing it on Facebook. While she isn’t sober herself, she prides herself on learning from those who are to provide content and help to those who need it. She was drawn to BLGC as a space to get away from the drinking/party culture of college. When she isn’t grabbing coffee with Kira to discuss content, she runs her own blog/youtube channel and plays hockey.