The mission of the Boring Little Girls Club is to create and foster a community of sober women, non-binary and trans people who support each other and have fun without alcohol or drugs.

The Boring Little Girls Club defines: 

i)  Sober Space as 100% alcohol and drug free. There is zero tolerance for coming to any BLGC hangout under the influence of any substances.

ii)  Safe Space as inclusive and supportive of all races, sexual identity, biology, gender, age, abilities and classes. There is a zero tolerance for any form of discrimination, hate or violence.

iii)  All BLGC hangouts will be Safe, Sober Spaces.

Who are we? 

We are the Boring Little Girls. 

We are the humans who don’t drink or use. 

We are the ones who saved ourselves because we knew that alcohol and mind altering. substances were an issue in our lives. 

We may or may not be alcoholics or addicts. 

We may or may not have hit rock bottom. 

We are badasses and mamas and friends and partners. 

We ignore people when they say that sobriety is just a phase. 

We are challenging society’s expectation of us to drink. 

We know what’s best for us, our bodies and our mental well-being.

We are open to all women, non-binary and trans folks. Anyone who is feminine or feminine identifying or who does not identify is welcome. Whoever you are, however you are, we support you.


Our core values are:

i) Empowerment: We stand together as humans who have chosen to remove ourselves from society’s drinking and using culture. We ask for support andwill support each other. We are patient with those who are curious about sobriety, hopeful to become sober or considering sobriety. Through our Sober Babe Squad we give each other the power and the strength to grow and love ourselves and love others.

ii)  Community: Through the good times and the bad, being able to share your experiences with others is human nature. When you chose to remove yourself from drinking, which is so ingrained within our societal expectations, and using, you are isolating yourself. The Boring Little Girls Club is here to create and foster a community of badass women, trans and non-binary humans to have fun and make that isolation easier. We are here to make sure that those of us sharing sobriety don’t feel alone.

iii)  Respect: We all have our differences and that is what makes each one of us so special. We respect others for the choices that they make, just as we would like to be respected for our choices. We do not discriminate based on sexual identity or biology. We do not discriminate based on race or age or ability. We do not tolerate any form or discrimination, hate or violence. We refuse to sit back and remain silent in the face of injustice.