Where, When, How?

September 19


Coffee Chat

Y'all know the deal - 

come on down to Rosso Coffee Roasters in Inglewood, 7:30pm - late, for a lovely, 

low key coffee chat on September 19th. Grab your favourite beverage 

and hang out with your #soberbabesquad.

This event is #membersonly - so you are welcome if you are a woman, trans or non-binary person who is a: sober, b: considering sobriety or c: hopeful to become sober

September 23/24


RESET Society of Calgary's Sexual Exploitation Training & Awareness Conference (SETA 2019)

We are so excited and honoured that our workshop proposal ‘Sober Babe Squad’ was accepted for RESET Society Sexual Exploitation Training and Awareness Conference, in the addiction category. RESET Society (Rapid Exit from Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking – formely Servants Anonymous Society) is a non-profit organization that provides long-term programs to women who are survivors of sexual exploitation. 

The Boring Little Girls Club will be sharing a little bit of each of our stories, how the #soberbabesquad started and what we stand for – community, community, community, then the floor will be opened to an open, honest and productive discussion. 

Join us at the #SEConf19 on September 23rd & 24th. Visit www.resetcalgary.ca for more information.

october 9


K2 Speaker Series: Business Woman

Each month, K2 Speaker Series will host 4 women discussing a variety of topics.

These women have become experts within her experience and will share her knowledge, struggles, victories, tools & tricks to those within our community. Topic open for this month of discussion – BUSINESS WOMAN.

Panelists Include:

Sam Mendoza - Founder D.I.T.R.O (Diamonds in the Rough Originals)

Alexandra Daignault - Founder & Owner Sarjesa

Arelta Tyzo - Owner & Creative Director Yellow Petal Photo

Suzanne Delaine - Owner Ascending Koi Tattoo

4 Women. 4 Stories. 4 Perspectives.

Dry Event | 18+

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